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    This is from my personal collection of information, studies and articles over almost two years researching and studying the covid crisis that has become center stage across the world.  These represent the best and most informative perspectives, opinions and educational information, although there are many more.  The obstacle in all of this is the amount of time, and level of scientific discussion that bewilders the average person not accustomed to scientific data and anlysis.  It does require time and effort initially wading through these links to become informed and able to weigh in on conversations requiring more than sound bites.  I highly encourage you to read as many of these links, especially the highlighted *links* I consider the most useful and informative.

    The sad state of affairs we are witnessing today is bad science being promoted over true science regarding anything covid, vaccine and various drugs that can be repurposed.  The suppression of information, discrediting those who speak up, and the censoring of any pandemic related keywords in social media is not only unbelievable, but is pandering to the govt touted lies and misinformation illegally trampling our civil liberties and freedoms in a power grab.

    The following links are provided to present articles and studies from many avenues of medical and scientific research which may disprove the CDC/NIH/FDA and WHO push for innoculations and the false public relations line of misinformation.  This has divided our country, and that of the world in an emotional turmoil, to the brink of division over false and misleading information that has permeated all rational debate and discussion.

    To date, I am amazed that a handful of govt officvials, bureaucrats and politicians, backed by the pharmaceutical industry, is leading the opinions, and not a convened world symposium.  They have used the covid crisis utilizing the overused term pandemic for a virus that is so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it.  The natural laws of biology and herd immunity have been trashed, and replaced with sound bites blaming the unvaccinated for the spread of this disease, when in fact, it is proven the vaccinated are actually spreading it rather than the unvaccinated in the breakthrough cases.

    To enforce being jabbed with an unknown series of innoculations that may only prevent you from becoming seriously infected, yet the number of adverse reactions are causing the public to take notice.  The jabs were hastily tested and approved without critical followup studies of the tested control groups, who have now been purposely vaccinated eliminating the ability to monitor follow up studies.   This has abandoned all the normal regulations,
defying the vaccine regulations and approval protocols imposed by the FDA for over fifty years. 

    These jabs are
causing adverse reactions, resulting in deaths and permanent disabilities that are not being properly reported in the CDC VAERS database, or truthfully disclosed to the public.  This situation would not be tolerated by the FDA under any other cicrcumstance, and usage would be forced to shut down after twenty five reported deaths, and we are now into the thousands of deaths.  The end goal per Fauci himself, is to get these approved as vaccines ASAP and eliminate the EUA (Emer Use Auth), whereby legal regional mandates can be dictated and enforced forcing everyone to be vaccinated.

    I consider the following interview (long transcript) with Dr. Christian Perrone and Dr. Anne-Marie Yim, to be the
most telling and informative article providing an overview of the science, protocols being dismissed, suppression of drugs and information, placing the fault squarely on the politicians and others controlling the levers of power.   Dr. Perrone is/was world renowned, a Fellow at the Pasteur Intitute, and responsible for vaccine R&D in many capacities for France since 1994 as you will read.  HE WAS FIRED AND SINCE DISCREDITED FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH AGAINST THE FRENCH GOVT JAB MANDATES, LOCKDOWNS, VACCINE PASSPORT, AND OTHER UNETHICAL POLICIES.

France's long-time vaccine policy chief: Covid policy is "completely stupid" and "unethical"

Dr. Perrone and Dr. Yim Interview
New article on the effects of the jab, Mercola analysis and commentary on Dr. Sucharit Bhadki, immunologist remarks, author of two books on covid.  He was chair of the medical, microbiology and hygiene at University of Mainz, Germany for over 22 years.

After giving this issue a great deal of thought, Bhakdi is convinced that the COVID injection campaign must be stopped.
    “Gene-based vaccines are an absolute danger to mankind and their use at present violates the Nuremberg codex, such that everyone who is propagating their use should be put before tribunal,” Bhakdi says.

    “Especially the vaccination of children is something that is so criminal that I have no words to express my horror … We are horribly worried that there's going to be an impact on fertility. And this will be seen in years or decades from now.

Recommended reading
Bhadki-Mercola Analysis  (bhadki-mercoal.pdf)

Corona Unmasked - Bhadki-Free Book Chapter (corona_unmasked_chapter.pdf)
Hydrogen Peroxide and Covid - Is This the Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections?
Mercola Interview and Analysis with Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD
Using "nebulized" 3% food grade HP at first signs of infection to treat covid and other viral respiratory diseases and to improve health.
Hydrogen Peroxide Covid Therapy  (nebulized-hydrogen-peroxide.pdf)

Free Ebook download - Rapid Virus Recovery, Tom Levy
Rapid Virus Recovery Book - Thomas Levy, MD, JD

This link will explain a new theory about why adverse reactions are occurring.  Rather long, but the majority is charts and graphs, so reading the beginning and conclusion will provide you with the information you need to understand it.  In short, asymptomatics that have been exposed and have developed (herd) immunity, are experiencing ongoing active antibodies from recent exposure.  Receiving the jab, the spike proteins intended to provoke an immune response, are attacking the active antibodies from this prior exposure, and wreaking havoc causing the auto-immine response of adverse reactions resulting in death and disabilities.  The article states that anyone considering the jab should FIRST be tested with the PCR and IgG (Imunnoglobulin) antobody test to determine active responses.  It is estimated that herd immunity was already sweeping through the country at a ratio five times higher than thought, and cases were already declining by the time only 5% of the population were receiving jabs.  This response is normally expected in vaccines, yet was not considered in the push to jab averyone.

This helps explain the adverse reactions
Natural Immunity vs Covid shot


Link to article describing how Ivermectin is being suppressed and by whom.

Massive Coverup of Ivermectin’s Efficacy Demonstrates an Evil Agenda is Driving Everything (html link)

This most informative short six minute video is Dr. Stock's presentation to a local school board, and provides an easy to follow understanding of covid.  Why jabs and facemasks should not be enforced on children.  Video removed by Youtube after five million views, and now censored by FB and Google searches.

Dr. Dan Stock's Presentation to the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana Over The Futility of Mask Mandates and Covid-19 Protocols

Dr. Stock School Board Presentation
Dr. Mercola has removed most of the information he has accumulated over 25 years from his website.  Any covid, vaccine, and election related material is not available.  He still posts a daily email blog which asks you to become a subscriber.  Info is only available for 48 hours due to threats he and his family has received. I highly recommend subscribing to stay abreast of the latest updates and information.
This pdf file contains multiple links to other noted scientists and doctors from their early research, and is still valid.

Vaccine Safety Docs (vaccine_safety.pdf)


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Exemptions and Legal Resources Against Vax Mandates   (vax_exemptions.pdf)